Implant dentistry

Implant dentistry

Often, patients will need to replace a tooth, but for one reason or another conventional tooth replacement methods like bridges or partial dentures are not a good option. In such cases we are able to place an implant. Implants are specially coatedtitanium "screws" that are placed in the bone. Over the next few months, the "screw" integrates into the bone, so that it can become an artificial root.

This process is known as osteointegration.After complete healing takes place a final restoration can be attached to the "screw". During the healing phase, which usually takes 3-6 months, a temporary restoration is set in place to restore your smile. A custom-made restoration is then affixed in place. In ideal circumstances, a restoration can be placed at the same visit without waiting for the implant to fully anchor.

Implants are an extremely versatile and successful means of restoring ones dentition. Many patients have seen success in restoring a wide range of dental problems. Including the following:

Single crowns


Partial denture stabilization (removable)

Denture Stabilization for both upper and lowers (removabale)

Full upper or lower permenant tooth replacement (non-removable)


Partial dentures are supposed to be worn at all times when the patient is awake, but should be cleaned after eating to keep them as hygienic as possible as well as to extend their longevity.