Cosmetic Dentistry, including Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dentistry

Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

Whitening is by far the simplest cosmetic dental procedure that can produce dramatic changes to your appearance. This is one of the most successful tools currently available that does not change your physical tooth structure.

In-Office: Our office offers the Zoom! Whitening System. Brighten your smile by up to eight shades in only 45-minutes using a strong carbamide peroxide whitening material that is activated with the use of Ultra-Violet light. In order to assure the safety of the system; the patients teeth are isolated from all other surrounding structures.

While temporary sensitivity to hot and cold can be a result of this treatment, whitening results far outweigh post-treatment sensitivity which lasts an average of no more than 24 to 48 hours. Patients are also given take-home trays to continue touch up whitening at home.

Take-Home: Patients also have good results with the take-home whitening procedure. Custom-made trays filled with whitening gel are worn by patients at home for two hours while awake, or they can sleep with the trays in place. Unlike the Zoom! Whitening, it usually takes as long as two weeks to see optimal results, rather than the quick 45-minute treatment.

Store-Bought: While a cheaper option, store-bought whitening materials give marginal results at best. Products available in stores can take up to six months to achieve optimal results.

There are some factors that are contraindicated for using whitening materials such as certain medical conditions and anterior fillings. Please contact Dr. Vikram before undertaking any whitening regimen.


Veneers can correct nature's mistakes or damage due to injury including unappealing gaps between teeth, severe, irreversible staining, and abnormally shaped or crooked teeth. Made from a thin, custom-made shell of porcelain, veneers cover only the front and sides of your teeth. To minimize the bulkiness, a small amount of tooth structure is removed, making this process irreversible.

Veneers are very durable, lasting upwards of 10-20 years, depending on a patient's consistent optimal at-home hygiene. Some foods and beverages that may stain should be avoided such as coffee, tea or red wine. Should veneers chip or fracture, they can be easily repaired or replaced.

Veneers are not for everyone. There are certain contraindications that can exclude teeth from this restorative process. Dr. Vikram will always do a thorough exam to ensure you qualify for veneer placement.